I Love Newborns

This little girl, is oh SOOO precious.  She is 4 days old in these, isn’t she just, adorable?!?!?!!

She started out VERY alert, she is looking RIGHT at the camera!!

& then…

I think I might have made her sleepy.

Then she woke up, sort of…..

…..really it is soo nice when they sleep so well, it makes it easier for both of us!!

Thank you D & J for letting me do these for you.


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Something Fun From Today

Today we went out to an area where I’ve been wanting to photograph the kids.  Here are some of my favorites:

I do not know what they were looking at but I love it that they are looking at what at least appears to be the same thing.

This SOOOO my kids with k laughing her head off & b doing his own thing!!

In this one b was making SURE that we ALL saw the ANT!!!

Here they’re on a GREAT adventure, which is definitely what our life IS with these two!!

Here k is (as usual) dancing in the spotlight!!

One more of the little man.

And last we have to have one to melt Mommy’s heart.

I had a fun time photographing here, until I realized b’s legs were COVERED in red welts.  He had been attacked by mosquitoes, he is VERY sensitive to their bites.  I said we gotta go NOW!!  There are a lot more great areas out here just waiting for people to be photographed.  Let me know if you like this area & we can use it to photograph you, your kids &/or your whole family.  I’ll make SURE we have Plenty of insect repellent before we go.

A reminder:  I know it can be very difficult to think about Christmas &/or Holiday cards right now with the temperatures in the 90’s.  If you think you might like your cards personalized with photographs, please get in touch with me soon, so we can set up your photo session before I run out of appointment times.


Self Assignment

Last month I put myself on Self Assignment to photograph my own kids.  Now don’t get me wrong I photograph my kids just like any other Mom (OK maybe more due to the fact that I am a photographer).  However, I do not normally photograph them with the intention of putting them large on my walls.  I wanted to share the results of what will soon be three 16 x 20 black & white gallery wraps on my wall.

This is how they will be grouped & hung on my wall.  I also have one of all three of the kids together coming that will be a 20 x 24 also a black & white gallery wrap.  Lastly I will be making a coffee table book with a selection of the images from the week of shooting as well.  I can’t wait to get these back from the lab!!!!  I’m so excited I could just explode!


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I have some new opportunities in the works for photography sessions with NO Creative fees!!!


Better hurry and speak up fast, I may have lost my mind!!!  😮


North Texas State Fair & Rodeo

The North Texas State Fair & Rodeo started last night at 6PM.  This morning there was the annual parade through our little Denton town.  Right now there are all kinds of FUN things happening at the fair grounds along with amazing photographic opportunities. 

In honor of the fair I am offering North Texas State Fair sessions, for only $25.00 (this is one half the regular creation fee).  I will meet your family & photograph you all at the fair.  I will spend up to 2 hours photographing your family together & separately.  What a great & fun way to bring the fair home to enjoy all year long!!

Please see www.AngiesTMM.com for portrait pricing.  Call me as soon as possible to get your session on the books 940-891-1410.  Remember the fair only goes until Next Saturday August the 23, so don’t wait, call me now!!


Time for some SERIOUS catch up!!!!

I am FINALLY posting a few photos from some sessions I took in April & May:

This mama danced her little man in to the world.  It was a very relaxing & beautiful labor, to witness and photograph.  Thank you for letting me be there.

Part of the reason this labor was so beautiful was all the love & support this mama got from everyone there who was close to her.  Most of the time it’s dad who offer most of the support now don’t get me wrong he was AMAZING.  But her mom, mother in law & father in law were there also.  The above photo were her mom’s hands helping ‘rub’ her though a contraction.  At one point her MIL was rubbing her feet (sorry I forget the exact method she was preforming).  Unfortunately this mama did not get to birth her babe exactly the way she wanted to, but I think she’ll agree that her early labor was beautiful & lovingly supported.  And no matter what else, the little man was born happy, healthy & already VERY loved!!!

Here are a few of the little man himself.  I have to say that I think the above labor was well worth the cuteness that came from it!!  Of course I wasn’t the mama in labor, so that’s easy for me to say, isn’t it?  Stay tuned for more extreme cuteness!!!  I will be photographing his 3 month session next week.

These first 2 were taken when he was 13 days old.  Isn’t it obvious that he’s the apple of his Daddy’s eyes?

These next 2 were taken when he was 20 days old, this first image I have done some special editing to.  Let me know what you think.

Next up we have some from a session for the beautiful Mrs. Denton County a Mrs. Texas contestant.  BTW she made into the top 12!!  WHOOOHOOOO!!!  Way to go!  Keep checking back for more on this beauty.


If you would like to see more of the beautiful Mrs. Denton County’s session I have more on my website ( www.AngiesTMM.com ) in the gallery called ‘headshots’.

Next we have a high school senior.  This young man was very easy & fun to work with.  Thank you for making my job easy & fun!!

Also in April & May I worked for a shop at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie Texas called Poetic Portraits ( www.903smile.com ).  During that time-frame we lived there on the weekends.  Sorry for the long time between posts, hopefully this is a thing of the past.

Hope you enjoy the post & portraits.




Look At What I Found Today!

A little baby Bluebonnet bud.


And another little-bit-larger bud…


…and another even larger.


A family of Bluebonnets.


This will SOON be a field bursting with beautiful blooming Bluebonnets.


Not too late to get on the list for family portraits in the Bluebonnets.


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The Bluebonnets Are Coming!!!


We should start seeing the Bluebonnets open their beautiful blossoms here in Denton, Texas, very soon.  Have you always wanted a family portrait taken in the Bluebonnets?  Has the opportunity somehow passed you by every year?  I have begun a list of people to contact and schedule sessions with as soon as the Bluebonnets are at their best.  Give me a call or shoot me an email if you would like to be included ( www.AngiesTMM.com ).  Don’t let this year’s Bluebonnet season pass you by!!


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A SNOWY DAY in Denton, Texas!!!!

Today around noon it began SNOWING!!  Mind you we live in Denton, Texas, which doesn’t see very much snow.  It snowed & snowed (in our house we call this a blizzard), here are some scenes from the day. 

Here is the rest of the fence from my earlier guessing game.


My car.  Later, some of the snow on the hood became the base for the Arctic Fox girl.


Some snow falling as seen from my front door.


The backyard, see my snow covered bicycle?


The BEST thing on a day like this.  It took me a long time to get this fire going.  I had to dry the kindling in the oven (shhhh don’t tell anyone though).  It was so warm & beautiful, so I think it was worth it!!


The Arctic Fox girl that Ken & Kendall made after Ken got home from his bus route.


The worst part about today was that Benjamin is sick with the croup.  I was sad that I couldn’t take him & Kendall out to play in the snow for some photographic fun together.  I hope you enjoyed our snowy day!!



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A perfectionist artist

Can these things exist together?  Can an artist be a perfectionist?  Can a perfectionist be an artist? 

I believe myself to be a perfectionist.  It applies to all aspects of my life, but for this post I’m going to focus on art &/or photography.  For me the most difficult thing about these things existing together within me is that if a work that I have created isn’t “perfect” then I beat myself up over it (which comes, in part, from all the critiques in college).  When people come to me & leave happy with what I have made for them it makes a great deal of difference.  Even if I look at it and say “well this isn’t here, that isn’t there, so it isn’t perfect”.  Does it matter if it isn’t MY definition of perfect?  What if I have done everything technically correct, if I see nothing wrong, or if I like the session of photographs?  Is it me doing bad work when someone doesn’t like their photographs?  Is it, possibly, them not liking themselves before they ever even walked into my life for this service?  Perhaps it’s just that they don’t like seeing themselves in print (or on the computer screen).

 So, how do I go about doing work for people who will appreciate, love or at the very least LIKE what I have created for them?  Do I just need to become more thick skinned?  I really do not like that answer, I think that a thick skinned photographer would also be less feeling, therefore would not be as creative.  Someone who is thick skinned, in my opinion, would be less in touch with people.  I DO NOT want to be less in touch, less emotional,  less feeling, less in love with people, less in love with nature, less in love with life itself!!  None of these are options for me.  So, I will continue as I have putting myself out there, I believe there is no other way.  I will not take less of me as an answer to make others happy, not even if it would make it easier to feel less when someone does not like what I have created for them.



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