Yes, yes I know it would seem as though I’ve been MIA.  And in some ways that is correct, especially due to the fact that I haven’t blogged since the first part of June.  However I have a good excuse, really I do.  The dog ate my home work, no wait, that doesn’t work here.  Uhmmm, I’m thinking.  OK, OK we were gone from June 10th till August 10th.  In Colorado, working at the Colorado Renaissiance Festival.  It was interesting & fun.  I thought I’d blog while we were there, but living outside for 2 months proved more difficult than I had thought it would, in that respect anyway.  I have LOTS of photographs, & once I wade through them I’ll post some of  them. 

Here are a couple to wet your whistle…

IMG_0258 copy

My kids were determined to get all the rocks on this river’s bank back into the river.  BTW this is the East Fork of the South Platte River.

IMG_0266 copy

A wider view of the same river bank.  Man was it pretty!  I think it was worth living outside.  Tempatures were so great, nothing like good ‘ol Texas!!

I have to say I am glad & sad to be back home.  Though I am extremely busy, toooo busy actually.  I’ll get back ASAP to post more from Colorado. 


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