It’s Not Too Late!! {Denton, Texas Photographer}

The Holiday Special is still going on…..



….but Hurry it expires January 1, 2009!!!



Holiday Fun! {Denton, TX Family Photographer}

I got to wrap up the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend with this lovely family.  This is not the first time you have seen them, but it has been a while!  Of course these are my favorites from this evening.








Aren’t they a beautiful family???  I hope you guys had as much fun as I did!!

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my job?!?!?!?!?!!!!


Just a few of our NEW Holiday Card choices

I am so excited to show you a few of the fronts of a handful of the NEW Holiday press Cards we’re carrying this year…

V gallery Volume 6- 7×5 Front of card:

V gallery volume 6- 5×7 front of card:

V gallery volume 6- 7×5 front flat card (this means it only has a front & back – no inside):

Momento 7×5 front:

Momento 5×5 front:

….I hope you love them as much as I do!!  Call me soon to set a time to see the rest of these AWESOME cards!!  If you do not see a card here you like, don’t fret there are LOT’S more to choose from, I just couldn’t show you all of them here.  Plus for those of you that like the photo paper style (aka slimline cards) we still have those too. 

Call me soon to book your Holiday appointment they’re filling fast.



2008 Holiday Special

Making sure everyone gets to see and take advantage of these specials!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.  Through my lens!!


Something Fun From Today

Today we went out to an area where I’ve been wanting to photograph the kids.  Here are some of my favorites:

I do not know what they were looking at but I love it that they are looking at what at least appears to be the same thing.

This SOOOO my kids with k laughing her head off & b doing his own thing!!

In this one b was making SURE that we ALL saw the ANT!!!

Here they’re on a GREAT adventure, which is definitely what our life IS with these two!!

Here k is (as usual) dancing in the spotlight!!

One more of the little man.

And last we have to have one to melt Mommy’s heart.

I had a fun time photographing here, until I realized b’s legs were COVERED in red welts.  He had been attacked by mosquitoes, he is VERY sensitive to their bites.  I said we gotta go NOW!!  There are a lot more great areas out here just waiting for people to be photographed.  Let me know if you like this area & we can use it to photograph you, your kids &/or your whole family.  I’ll make SURE we have Plenty of insect repellent before we go.

A reminder:  I know it can be very difficult to think about Christmas &/or Holiday cards right now with the temperatures in the 90’s.  If you think you might like your cards personalized with photographs, please get in touch with me soon, so we can set up your photo session before I run out of appointment times.