The Haircut

So we get to the shop to get b’s haircut.  Leaving the car he’s still all about this whole haircut stuff, but once we get inside, not quite so much.  He realized that someone he doesn’t know is going to be doing the cutting.  All the sudden he HAS to nurse and there is no way he is going to take no, not now, or a little later for an answer.  So we nurse, then he HAS to have the other side too!!!

Anyway we finally get down to the business at hand….

Still a little apprehensive….

Then Rhonda got him talking about the cool animals on the cape he was wearing and he began to warm up to her.

Then she used water, how fun is that!?!?!?!!!  Well it was for b anyway.

Then we were able to get down to business and talk about length.

The bangs get cut.

I think they’re buds now, don’t you??!!

We even had a few kisses flying around.

b is pretty happy with the results so far.

Deep contemplation (must work the tongue to do this you know).

b tries to give Rhonda his form of payment (even though it was hers to begin with).

Mommy’s still not so sure about all this.  Too bad it’s too late (I supposed I could try to glue it back on somehow).

I must say I actually LOVE the final result.  Isn’t he just the cutest????

Well that’s it the haircut, once again thanks to Ken for handling the camera and to Rhonda at Billy Shears for the great experience (again).  If you’re in need of a haircut call 940-387-5411.  Ask for Rhonda, obviously she’s great.


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