More TWU Fun!! {Denton, TX Engagement Photographer}

This afternoon warmed up and I GOT to have MORE fun at TWU!

Once again I had a difficult time only showing you guys these, as there were SOOO many great ones from this session too!






Not so sure that they’re tree-huggers, but they’re dog rescuers.  Close enough, right?





Hope you guys enjoy your sneak peek, I’ll have your gallery ready soon.



Cold Morning at TWU!! {Denton, TX Family Photogrpher}

A BIG thank you goes out to this family!!  You guys win the troopers of the day award!  Hope y’all had as much fun as I did.  Here are a few of my favorites from this morning.








Your gallery is up and ready to see.  Good luck choosing, I had a hard time picking just these few.


Impromptu Mini Sessions at TWU Nov. 22!! {Denton, TX Photographer}

I’ve decided to offer MINI sessions this Saturday morning November the 22, 2008 in the TWU Garden Park area.

Here’s the deal; session costs $25.00 for the creation fee (this fee includes photographers time & talent only).  Sessions will be 15 to 30 minutes long.  Package consisting of 1 – 8×10, 2 – 5×7’s, & 8 wallets for only $60.00.  Once a package has been purchased you may add sheets for $15.00 each (an example of a ‘sheet’ is anything that makes up an 8×10 size, like 2 – 5×7’s fit on an 8×10 sized sheet, as do 8 wallets, I have a list of these please ask if you’re not sure).

People LOVE photographs for Christmas!  It’s right around the corner.  DON’T MISS OUT OF THIS FABULOUS DEAL!!!!  I may not ever do it again.  These prices are VERY low!!!

Contact me FAST if you’re interested!!!  This offer will be first come first served, once all the appointment times are gone they’re gone!!

940-891-1410 ~OR~ email me at

**updated 11-21-08**  ALL SESSIONS have been spoken for Thanks to everyone who responded!! Times available: 9:00 AM9:30 AM10:00 AM10:30 AM.  Once these are filled up I will consider adding more times.  I will update the blog by marking the times off as they are spoken for.


I Can’t Believe It!! {Denton, TX Newborn Photographer}

I can’t believe that I didn’t post these.  I got home from his house and immediately started working on editing these images and apparently I lost my brain after that.  I THOUGHT I had posted these already.


Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE newborns?!?!?!?!?!!  Little B is 12 days old here.





I know he’s adorable.  I bet he’s edible too….



…..apparently he is!!!  MMMMM I’m sure he’s yummy!

Hope you guys love these, I SURE do!  Enjoy that sweet little man!

Also, I have a rough draft of the series we’ve been working on, let me know when you have time to see it.



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A FEW of Janet’s four legged children{Denton, TX Pet Photographer}

Here are just a few of Janet’s four legged children.

First up we went outside to have a wild time with Gracie, this big girl is FAST here’s an example:

_mg_0039crpd-copy4This is what I saw coming at me just before she side swiped me right off my feet.  As I fell to the ground I made SURE the camera stayed safe and all the while I was laughing my head off!! 

Did I mention that she REALLY likes treats?



Next up we have Ted (or is this Bill, oh man I get them confused even though they do not look a thing alike).  He was a little skittish of the big black thing I had in front of my face.  Needless to say he wasn’t overly impressed with me and my black thing hovering around him.



Oh and I believe he is a bit of a Mama’s boy, what do you think.


 This one makes me say awwwwwww.


 Last up (for now anyway) we have Joey, I think he might be a bit of a Mama’s boy too.


 I don’t think Joey was very impressed, at one point he took his dinosaur chew toy to his crate and buried it and himself under a blanket.  He totally cracked me up when he did that!! 

This is all of Janet’s four legged children I got to photograph for now, hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoyed photographing them.


Charity event with La Fitness {Denton, TX Charity/Fund Raiser Photographer}

**NOTE**  AS of Tuesday 11-11-08 the photographs are at the LA Fitness presale center, if you haven’t picked yours up, go by and get it today!!  The presale center is located at: 1931 S LOOP 288 SUITE 120 DENTONTX 76205 the phone # is (940) 380-2904.
Yesterday I took photographs for a Charity event with LA Fitness. 

I learned a HUGE lesson with this event.  If there is a serious problem that you see through the lens fix it then and there.  Even if the event is already running an hour past its intended start time or it means putting someone out for the moment.  Do not think that you can fix it after the fact in Photoshop.  As you can see these are certainly NOT the best images as I had serious lighting issues.  The images below are the best I could fix them.  I have sent them to my professional lab for printing, therefore they WILL NOT be ready for pick up Monday at LA Fitness as promised.  I am very sorry.  It is VERY important to me that what leaves my studio is the BEST it can be and I was simply unable to accomplish that with my own limited Photoshop skills.  This is why I sent it all to my pro lab: They DO have amazing Photoshop skills and can produce very good prints.  I will post the images here so you may at least see the ones I liked best and sent to the lab.











Despite my lighting and color issues you have to admit these are some seriously cute kids!!


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Halloween Guessing Game

First, I have to say this is serious snap shot action, terrible quality!!  Just play along, please.

Halloween guessing game who is who:



OK, so which one is Kendall & Which one is Benjamin?  Post a comment to tell me what you think.


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A Beautiful Birth Experience! {Denton, TX Birth Photographer}

I had the great honor of photographing this beautiful birth.  I think it was a healing birth experience for both M & R, as thebirth of their first was quite traumatic for them both.  You guys were so amazing to each other, it was awesome to be a part of such a loving gentle birth.  Thank You both for allowing me to be there!! 

This is my favorite image from this birth.  I LOVE the way M is reaching to hold her brand new baby.  Welcome to our world B!

Thank you again, to M for inviting me to photograph you during such a special time and especially for making sure R called me even though it was 4:30 AM.  That’s just when babies come!

Look for more of these two, we have been working on a series for about 6 months during her pregnancy, we will finish it up with his newborn photographs.


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Mr. Q-T-Pie & Co. {Denton, TX Family Photographer}

Mr. Q-T-Pie is 6 months old!  Can you believe it?  I for one certainly cannot.  But I can assure you he STILL lives up to the name!  Some with Mom, Dad & his Grandma.

I hope that you enjoy these as much as I do…..

This one I’ve given a title; “The Connection.”  For any woman who has nursed a baby, I believe the connection is so strong,  that I think that we would rather walk through fire than to not have experienced it.  The love, the bond, the Connection.  It’s a beautiful, amazing thing.  Words cannot explain it, but I think the look on Mom’s face here tells much of this story.

I hope everyone enjoys this little preview of a few of my favorites.  Stay tuned I’m sure you’ll see more of this little guy soon (I hear tell he might be a little devil).


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Just a few of our NEW Holiday Card choices

I am so excited to show you a few of the fronts of a handful of the NEW Holiday press Cards we’re carrying this year…

V gallery Volume 6- 7×5 Front of card:

V gallery volume 6- 5×7 front of card:

V gallery volume 6- 7×5 front flat card (this means it only has a front & back – no inside):

Momento 7×5 front:

Momento 5×5 front:

….I hope you love them as much as I do!!  Call me soon to set a time to see the rest of these AWESOME cards!!  If you do not see a card here you like, don’t fret there are LOT’S more to choose from, I just couldn’t show you all of them here.  Plus for those of you that like the photo paper style (aka slimline cards) we still have those too. 

Call me soon to book your Holiday appointment they’re filling fast.