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Recently, I found these:kirk front

chris front

I took these photographs about ten years ago for these gentlemen.  The “trader’s cards” were made to hand out when they gave public talks.  The kids especially loved getting them! 

For about a year now I’ve been trying to figure a way to give back to the Denton, Texas, law enforcement and emergency personnel.  After finding these cards and remembering how much fun we had making them I decided that this is one thing I want to do.  So, I am now In Search Of two things: 1) Law enforcement and/or emergency personnel who would like to have a set of  these “trader” type cards, and 2) a sponsor for each person.  There is no limit to the number of people I will do this for, but we will have to find a sponsor for each person who wishes to take part in this activity.

If you are someone who would like a set of these, or if you know someone who would like them, or if you would like to be a sponsor, please contact me and let’s get the ball rolling!!

940-891-1410 ~OR~




Yes, yes I know it would seem as though I’ve been MIA.  And in some ways that is correct, especially due to the fact that I haven’t blogged since the first part of June.  However I have a good excuse, really I do.  The dog ate my home work, no wait, that doesn’t work here.  Uhmmm, I’m thinking.  OK, OK we were gone from June 10th till August 10th.  In Colorado, working at the Colorado Renaissiance Festival.  It was interesting & fun.  I thought I’d blog while we were there, but living outside for 2 months proved more difficult than I had thought it would, in that respect anyway.  I have LOTS of photographs, & once I wade through them I’ll post some of  them. 

Here are a couple to wet your whistle…

IMG_0258 copy

My kids were determined to get all the rocks on this river’s bank back into the river.  BTW this is the East Fork of the South Platte River.

IMG_0266 copy

A wider view of the same river bank.  Man was it pretty!  I think it was worth living outside.  Tempatures were so great, nothing like good ‘ol Texas!!

I have to say I am glad & sad to be back home.  Though I am extremely busy, toooo busy actually.  I’ll get back ASAP to post more from Colorado. 


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Impromptu Mini Sessions at TWU Nov. 22!! {Denton, TX Photographer}

I’ve decided to offer MINI sessions this Saturday morning November the 22, 2008 in the TWU Garden Park area.

Here’s the deal; session costs $25.00 for the creation fee (this fee includes photographers time & talent only).  Sessions will be 15 to 30 minutes long.  Package consisting of 1 – 8×10, 2 – 5×7’s, & 8 wallets for only $60.00.  Once a package has been purchased you may add sheets for $15.00 each (an example of a ‘sheet’ is anything that makes up an 8×10 size, like 2 – 5×7’s fit on an 8×10 sized sheet, as do 8 wallets, I have a list of these please ask if you’re not sure).

People LOVE photographs for Christmas!  It’s right around the corner.  DON’T MISS OUT OF THIS FABULOUS DEAL!!!!  I may not ever do it again.  These prices are VERY low!!!

Contact me FAST if you’re interested!!!  This offer will be first come first served, once all the appointment times are gone they’re gone!!

940-891-1410 ~OR~ email me at

**updated 11-21-08**  ALL SESSIONS have been spoken for Thanks to everyone who responded!! Times available: 9:00 AM9:30 AM10:00 AM10:30 AM.  Once these are filled up I will consider adding more times.  I will update the blog by marking the times off as they are spoken for.


Halloween Guessing Game

First, I have to say this is serious snap shot action, terrible quality!!  Just play along, please.

Halloween guessing game who is who:



OK, so which one is Kendall & Which one is Benjamin?  Post a comment to tell me what you think.


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2008 Holiday Special

Making sure everyone gets to see and take advantage of these specials!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.  Through my lens!!


Skater Boy

Just a few favorites of my little skater boy.  Thank you, Ken for helping me with this session, it turned out awesome (I’m still amazed about the things we accomplish when we work together)!!!!

OK, so you might notice his hair.  It’s beautiful, isn’t it?  Granted in these it’s a bit wild, usually it’s tied back at least such that it is out of his eyes & mouth, but for this session I wanted to have the full skater boy look going on.  The little man turned 2 (on 9-18) & he has decided he’s ready for a haircut.  Yes, we let him decide, seems to us a much nicer time would be had by all if a small child actually WANTS a haircut & it would probably look better in the end too.  His appointment is set to get his haircut Tuesday 11:00 AM.  The lady who will be cutting his hair is the same one who gave B & k their first haircuts.  I am happy because hopefully I can stop saying thank you but this one is a boy & people will be able to get that on their own, though I do have my doubts.  I love his hair, he’s had it always, but he is ready & I guess I’d better get that way too.  Though come Tuesday they maybe sweeping me up off the floor along with his hair.  Stay tuned, I will be posting more 2 year old sessions with this one prior to his haircut & some later in the week after it.  Heck maybe even some during it, maybe you’ll catch a tear or 2 from Mom.


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When no one else is at the park……..

this is what happens…….. 


PS; stay tuned I have a newborn to post too. ~A~

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Something Fun From Today

Today we went out to an area where I’ve been wanting to photograph the kids.  Here are some of my favorites:

I do not know what they were looking at but I love it that they are looking at what at least appears to be the same thing.

This SOOOO my kids with k laughing her head off & b doing his own thing!!

In this one b was making SURE that we ALL saw the ANT!!!

Here they’re on a GREAT adventure, which is definitely what our life IS with these two!!

Here k is (as usual) dancing in the spotlight!!

One more of the little man.

And last we have to have one to melt Mommy’s heart.

I had a fun time photographing here, until I realized b’s legs were COVERED in red welts.  He had been attacked by mosquitoes, he is VERY sensitive to their bites.  I said we gotta go NOW!!  There are a lot more great areas out here just waiting for people to be photographed.  Let me know if you like this area & we can use it to photograph you, your kids &/or your whole family.  I’ll make SURE we have Plenty of insect repellent before we go.

A reminder:  I know it can be very difficult to think about Christmas &/or Holiday cards right now with the temperatures in the 90’s.  If you think you might like your cards personalized with photographs, please get in touch with me soon, so we can set up your photo session before I run out of appointment times.


Self Assignment

Last month I put myself on Self Assignment to photograph my own kids.  Now don’t get me wrong I photograph my kids just like any other Mom (OK maybe more due to the fact that I am a photographer).  However, I do not normally photograph them with the intention of putting them large on my walls.  I wanted to share the results of what will soon be three 16 x 20 black & white gallery wraps on my wall.

This is how they will be grouped & hung on my wall.  I also have one of all three of the kids together coming that will be a 20 x 24 also a black & white gallery wrap.  Lastly I will be making a coffee table book with a selection of the images from the week of shooting as well.  I can’t wait to get these back from the lab!!!!  I’m so excited I could just explode!


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I have some new opportunities in the works for photography sessions with NO Creative fees!!!


Better hurry and speak up fast, I may have lost my mind!!!  😮