My Fav’s from today…..{Denton Texas Kiddo Photographer}

……this little guy is a oldie but most certainly a goodie!!!!!  Well, I SAY oldie, obviously he’s NOTold but an oldie on this blog, as you’ve seen him here since before he was born.  I begged his Mom let me come back to redo these, because I wasn’t happy with the first take.   She says I’m a perfectionist, and maybe I am, but at least NOW I’m a HAPPY perfectionist!!! IMG_5860 blog copy

This one is the reason I HAD to blog today.  I LOOOOVE it!

IMG_5864 blog copy

IMG_5869 blog copy

My ‘o my, he is STILL such a Cutie-pie.  Don’t you just want to pinch those adorable cheeks?!?!?


PS, hopefully before we go out the the state for the next 9 weeks, I’ll get caught up here.  I’m behind again & have several sessions to blog~ sorry guys!


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Tuba Dudette {Denton Texas High School Senior Photographer}

This has to be one of THE coolest high school senior sessions I have ever photographed.  Not only is she smart and talented, she’s also beautiful!!  Here are a few of my favorites (I had 10 picked out but I managed to get it down to 5 for you to see).







Thank you for letting me play today, I had SOOOOO much fun!!


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I Can’t Believe It!!! {Denton Texas Family Photographer}

img_0101-blog1This little man is one year old now!!!  I CANNOT believe how the time has flown by.




It really is not fair how quickly times seems to pass.  I consider myself lucky to have gotten to photograph this family as much as I have this year, but even more to have gotten to know them so well.

Thank you.


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Today’s Fun!! {Denton, TX Family Photographer}

Today I was honored to photograph this cool family:



This is C. he is ADORABLE!!  I tried to bring him home with me, but his Mom wasn’t having it (at least not today).  He has the most amazing hair.



Maybe next time she’ll be more willing to let me have him!!  In the mean time I’ll have to settle for these photographs of him!



Today’s Family! {Denton, Texas Family Photographer}

Today’s family is brought to us by the letter ‘G’ (for Grandmother).  Not only did I get to photograph Miss. T and Mr. E today, but also their family!!  I couldn’t have begged, borrowed or stolen better weather for this session.  When we started, Miss T and Mr. E were very receptive to my toys and games.  I thought, “this is going to be easy!”  Here is an example of one of the first few I took. 

img_0033-crpd-copyFor the next few we did some with more of the family.img_0036-crpd-copy




I will leave you with one more of the brother and sister cuteness duo.  By this time they were DONE with me and any games or toys I had in my bag of tricks.  Thank goodness for Daddy~ aka the tickle monster.  Whew!  Thank you Dad!!  I could NOT have done it without you.


Either I am going to have to start doing something wrong or the people I photograph are going to have to.  It gets more and more difficult to choose only a few to sneak peek here with every session.

Thank you guys again, I had a great time!!  I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek.


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Holiday Fun! {Denton, TX Family Photographer}

I got to wrap up the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend with this lovely family.  This is not the first time you have seen them, but it has been a while!  Of course these are my favorites from this evening.








Aren’t they a beautiful family???  I hope you guys had as much fun as I did!!

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my job?!?!?!?!?!!!!


More TWU Fun!! {Denton, TX Engagement Photographer}

This afternoon warmed up and I GOT to have MORE fun at TWU!

Once again I had a difficult time only showing you guys these, as there were SOOO many great ones from this session too!






Not so sure that they’re tree-huggers, but they’re dog rescuers.  Close enough, right?





Hope you guys enjoy your sneak peek, I’ll have your gallery ready soon.


Cold Morning at TWU!! {Denton, TX Family Photogrpher}

A BIG thank you goes out to this family!!  You guys win the troopers of the day award!  Hope y’all had as much fun as I did.  Here are a few of my favorites from this morning.








Your gallery is up and ready to see.  Good luck choosing, I had a hard time picking just these few.


I Can’t Believe It!! {Denton, TX Newborn Photographer}

I can’t believe that I didn’t post these.  I got home from his house and immediately started working on editing these images and apparently I lost my brain after that.  I THOUGHT I had posted these already.


Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE newborns?!?!?!?!?!!  Little B is 12 days old here.





I know he’s adorable.  I bet he’s edible too….



…..apparently he is!!!  MMMMM I’m sure he’s yummy!

Hope you guys love these, I SURE do!  Enjoy that sweet little man!

Also, I have a rough draft of the series we’ve been working on, let me know when you have time to see it.



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A FEW of Janet’s four legged children{Denton, TX Pet Photographer}

Here are just a few of Janet’s four legged children.

First up we went outside to have a wild time with Gracie, this big girl is FAST here’s an example:

_mg_0039crpd-copy4This is what I saw coming at me just before she side swiped me right off my feet.  As I fell to the ground I made SURE the camera stayed safe and all the while I was laughing my head off!! 

Did I mention that she REALLY likes treats?



Next up we have Ted (or is this Bill, oh man I get them confused even though they do not look a thing alike).  He was a little skittish of the big black thing I had in front of my face.  Needless to say he wasn’t overly impressed with me and my black thing hovering around him.



Oh and I believe he is a bit of a Mama’s boy, what do you think.


 This one makes me say awwwwwww.


 Last up (for now anyway) we have Joey, I think he might be a bit of a Mama’s boy too.


 I don’t think Joey was very impressed, at one point he took his dinosaur chew toy to his crate and buried it and himself under a blanket.  He totally cracked me up when he did that!! 

This is all of Janet’s four legged children I got to photograph for now, hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoyed photographing them.