I Can’t Believe It!! {Denton, TX Newborn Photographer}

I can’t believe that I didn’t post these.  I got home from his house and immediately started working on editing these images and apparently I lost my brain after that.  I THOUGHT I had posted these already.


Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE newborns?!?!?!?!?!!  Little B is 12 days old here.





I know he’s adorable.  I bet he’s edible too….



…..apparently he is!!!  MMMMM I’m sure he’s yummy!

Hope you guys love these, I SURE do!  Enjoy that sweet little man!

Also, I have a rough draft of the series we’ve been working on, let me know when you have time to see it.



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A Beautiful Birth Experience! {Denton, TX Birth Photographer}

I had the great honor of photographing this beautiful birth.  I think it was a healing birth experience for both M & R, as thebirth of their first was quite traumatic for them both.  You guys were so amazing to each other, it was awesome to be a part of such a loving gentle birth.  Thank You both for allowing me to be there!! 

This is my favorite image from this birth.  I LOVE the way M is reaching to hold her brand new baby.  Welcome to our world B!

Thank you again, to M for inviting me to photograph you during such a special time and especially for making sure R called me even though it was 4:30 AM.  That’s just when babies come!

Look for more of these two, we have been working on a series for about 6 months during her pregnancy, we will finish it up with his newborn photographs.


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Mr. Q-T-Pie & Co. {Denton, TX Family Photographer}

Mr. Q-T-Pie is 6 months old!  Can you believe it?  I for one certainly cannot.  But I can assure you he STILL lives up to the name!  Some with Mom, Dad & his Grandma.

I hope that you enjoy these as much as I do…..

This one I’ve given a title; “The Connection.”  For any woman who has nursed a baby, I believe the connection is so strong,  that I think that we would rather walk through fire than to not have experienced it.  The love, the bond, the Connection.  It’s a beautiful, amazing thing.  Words cannot explain it, but I think the look on Mom’s face here tells much of this story.

I hope everyone enjoys this little preview of a few of my favorites.  Stay tuned I’m sure you’ll see more of this little guy soon (I hear tell he might be a little devil).


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2008 Holiday Special

Making sure everyone gets to see and take advantage of these specials!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.  Through my lens!!


Food For Thought

Real Simple & Pinkle Toes….

This article is not new, nor is the blog that Michele from Pinkle Toes wrote about it (both links below). 

I was with my Mom this past weekend and she gave me the photographs she took at my son’s birth in 2006, it reminded me of this article and I felt the need to post some of my thoughts about it.  My mom and husband both took photographs during the birth and while they are not bad they are certainly lacking something.  In the images my Mom took she is not in them and the ones my husband took he is missing (I know ~ “duh”).  It is sad to me that the images are somewhat incomplete because two people who mean so much to me are missing from the images that they belong in.  To make a long story short I wish I had hired someone to photograph the births of my children, so no one important was left out.

Another thing I would like to say on this subject is to be careful where you have your children’s portraits made.  With my first (who is 19 years old now) I had many portraits taken in the departments store studios.  The portraits are good enough, it is just that the quality has not stood the test of time. Beware, that once you have gotten your order that is it, there are no more chances, you cannot get anymore.  In other words they are not replaceable.  Also, they are not as inexpensive as one would think when they are drawn in with that cheapo coupon.  One more thing I would like to add to this, is to be careful when you are considering hiring a photographer who only offers a CD of images and does not offer professionally printed portraits.  Make sure you are dealing with someone who uses a professional photographic lab.  Not Walmart or Wallgreens.  Please do not get me wrong these places serve their purposes, but these photographs are not printed archivally and will also not withstand the test of time.   

That said on to the article…..

  Mar 3, 2008 5:08:00 PM
Note To Self
Get Professional Photos of Your Children

Professionalcamera2I’ve never forgotten an invaluable piece of advice that I heard from an older friend right after my first child was born. She told me, “One of my greatest regrets about my children’s childhoods was that I didn’t have more professional pictures taken.”
“You didn’t take many pictures?” I asked.
“I took tons of pictures,” she said, “but the fact is, professional photographs are so much better than even the best snapshots.”
I absolutely agree—professional photos are better. And keeping her advice in mind, ever since my daughters were born, I’ve been zealous about getting their photos taken professionally at least once a year.
While it’s a lot of fun (and also a pain) to take pictures myself, it’s terrific to have some pictures that are truly excellent. These photos don’t take the place of the on-the-spot pictures that I take myself—I still take scads of photos at birthday parties, first days of school, on the slide, with a popsicle—but these pictures memorialize my children’s childhoods in a different way.
Plus they make great family gifts. I can never figure out a good present for the grandparents and great-grandparents, but they always love to get a really great photograph—especially the relatives who don’t often get a chance to see the girls in person.
Also, research shows that one way to boost your happiness is to reflect on happy times, and looking at photographs helps keep memories more vivid.
It’s a splurge, of course. Professional photos aren’t cheap.
However, I figure that the money I spend on these photographs will strengthen family bonds, enhance happy memories, and capture the fleeting moments of childhood. They give me more pleasure than practically any other purchases that I make. That strikes me as pretty good happiness bang for the buck.
A friend’s family had another great photography tradition. For her whole life, at every milestone, her parents took a picture of her and her brother sitting exactly the same way on their front stoop. It’s fascinating to see them change through the years. Along the same lines, the artist Nicholas Nixon took a photograph of his wife and her three sisters once a year for 33 years. The collection of these photographs, The Brown Sisters, is riveting.
Getting professional photos take is a great example of the tiresome fact that happiness takes thought and effort. These photographs are easy to arrange; in the scheme of things, not terribly expensive; contribute greatly to our family happiness—and yet it probably never would have occurred to me to do it if my friend hadn’t suggested it.




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I Love Newborns

This little girl, is oh SOOO precious.  She is 4 days old in these, isn’t she just, adorable?!?!?!!

She started out VERY alert, she is looking RIGHT at the camera!!

& then…

I think I might have made her sleepy.

Then she woke up, sort of…..

…..really it is soo nice when they sleep so well, it makes it easier for both of us!!

Thank you D & J for letting me do these for you.


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Remember Mr. Q-T-Pie?

Well here he is again, with the family who adores him!!

A couple from a slightly different perspective:

    OK, just a few to wet your whistle.  Enjoy!


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I have some new opportunities in the works for photography sessions with NO Creative fees!!!


Better hurry and speak up fast, I may have lost my mind!!!  😮