Time for some SERIOUS catch up!!!!

I am FINALLY posting a few photos from some sessions I took in April & May:

This mama danced her little man in to the world.  It was a very relaxing & beautiful labor, to witness and photograph.  Thank you for letting me be there.

Part of the reason this labor was so beautiful was all the love & support this mama got from everyone there who was close to her.  Most of the time it’s dad who offer most of the support now don’t get me wrong he was AMAZING.  But her mom, mother in law & father in law were there also.  The above photo were her mom’s hands helping ‘rub’ her though a contraction.  At one point her MIL was rubbing her feet (sorry I forget the exact method she was preforming).  Unfortunately this mama did not get to birth her babe exactly the way she wanted to, but I think she’ll agree that her early labor was beautiful & lovingly supported.  And no matter what else, the little man was born happy, healthy & already VERY loved!!!

Here are a few of the little man himself.  I have to say that I think the above labor was well worth the cuteness that came from it!!  Of course I wasn’t the mama in labor, so that’s easy for me to say, isn’t it?  Stay tuned for more extreme cuteness!!!  I will be photographing his 3 month session next week.

These first 2 were taken when he was 13 days old.  Isn’t it obvious that he’s the apple of his Daddy’s eyes?

These next 2 were taken when he was 20 days old, this first image I have done some special editing to.  Let me know what you think.

Next up we have some from a session for the beautiful Mrs. Denton County a Mrs. Texas contestant.  BTW she made into the top 12!!  WHOOOHOOOO!!!  Way to go!  Keep checking back for more on this beauty.


If you would like to see more of the beautiful Mrs. Denton County’s session I have more on my website ( www.AngiesTMM.com ) in the gallery called ‘headshots’.

Next we have a high school senior.  This young man was very easy & fun to work with.  Thank you for making my job easy & fun!!

Also in April & May I worked for a shop at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie Texas called Poetic Portraits ( www.903smile.com ).  During that time-frame we lived there on the weekends.  Sorry for the long time between posts, hopefully this is a thing of the past.

Hope you enjoy the post & portraits.





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  1. What beautiful pictures! You are so awesome. The kiddo and I are gearing up for the three month pics. Bring on the laundry! 🙂

  2. so great to see the pictures of my girl samika- and the little devil too!!!!

    great photos, thanks


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